Systems Integration and Testing

From its experience in the construction of communication networks with new operators and corporations Wayes have been involved in the integration and testing of complete networks. One problem we have observed is that at no stage during the tender process is the organisational structure, of the eventual operating company, reflected in supplier requirements.

This results in the need for an integration phase and the development of workflow processes to get round any major deficiencies. With potentially increases in "network cost of ownership".

To assist in reducing the impact of systems integration Wayes offer the following services:

  • The specification, project management and creation of an operational test-bed. Either as a stand alone or integrated facility. This facility allows operators to integrate and test all infrastructure enhancements, including operational processes in as near a real network configuration as possible. Including:
        Switching Systems
        Transmission Systems
        Network Management
        Customer Facing
        Inventory Management
        Workforce Management
        Vehicle Management
        Operational Procedures
        Workflow Management
        Change Management
        Enhancement processes
  • Production of integration procedures
  • Production of "system" level test specifications
  • Performance of system tests