Network Build & Roll-Out Management

The production of project and network roll-out plans brings together all aspects of network creation including equipment acquisition, site acquisition, route planning, engineering build and the creation of the organisational structure required to support it at each stage of its development.

Network roll out has two distinct phases, the first is the creation of the physical infrastructure required to support the delivery of products and services. That is the enabling environment. The second is the addition of the operational data overlay required to configure the service delivery and operational networks to support customer delivery.

Wayes can manage all aspects of network creation & roll out, from the management of major project components to the management of a complete communications network programme.

Supplier Co-ordination Services include:

  • Translation of network requirements and architectural rules into requests for information and tender for individual, or multiple network elements
  • Analysis of supplier responses and their subsequent selection
  • Development of supplier controls, including delivery, testing, installation, acceptance criteria, fault reporting and equipment returns, etc
  • Production of network rollout strategy and organisational interfaces to maintain it
  • Develop hand-over criteria to operational departments
  • Creation of system feasibility models to cover supplier integration, testing and acceptance
  • Creation of network data overlay
  • The creation of a "Systems House" to cover the integration and testing of all components in a network configuration
  • Definition of work-order and inventory management systems.

Site Co-ordination Services include:

  • Preparation of site requirements, including site plans, planning regulations, environmental conditions, power, security, etc
  • Co-ordination of drive through site surveys etc
  • Preparation of site acquisition plan
  • Development of all site refurbishment, standard footprints, bearer service connection plan, equipment delivery and acceptance testing etc
  • Project management of site and route development. Including street work act interpretation and liaison with individual councils or authorities. See associates.

Bearer Systems Co-ordination Services include

  • Preparation of transmission bearer services implementation strategy
  • Sub-contract management
  • Preparation of access network bearer services implementation strategy. At local and national level.