Network Convergence

The convergence of communication networks is becoming increasingly common in the telecommunication industry. Though certain aspects of convergence have always been a problem to major corporations as such networks tend to grow through corporate acquisition and take over.

In the telecommunications sector Wayes have been involved in preparing strategies for the convergence of "mobile" and "fixed" communication networks.

Services include:

  • Audit of both networks, if they exist
  • Definition and production of convergent strategies in the following     sectors:
        Customer Care
        Organisational Development
  • Convergence Planning

Corporate network convergence comes about through the acquisition of technology through corporate take over. In this situation corporations inherit technology, applications and operational practices that have to converge with the overall corporate communications strategy. Convergence strategies being used to reduce the cost of integrating the various technologies and operating practices.

Services include:

  • Audit of all networks
  • Production of convergent plans