Established in 1989 to meet the demands of new telecommunications operators in the UK following deregulation of the telecommunications industry Wayes has assisted, at all managerial and technical levels in the establishment of four telecommunications operating companies. This being done for both terrestrial and mobile communication networks.

Since its creation the company has grown to one that embraces the necessary skills to build, operate and administer voice and data communication networks. Including public, private and mobile telecommunication networks in local, wide and metropolitan area configurations.

Growth has been achieved through the addition of trusted Associates that include highly skilled individuals, an engineering data management/planning company and engineering support teams to the company's resource portfolio. See Associates.

This unique arrangement allows Wayes to support all aspects of communication networks development through the provision of a lean organisation tailored to client requirements supplying consulting services at acceptable cost with imagination, creativity and quality.

Wayes have a proven track record in building telecommunications businesses, their physical network and operation, that is the enabling environment to support customer service delivery, their organisation to support creative customer interaction and process development to link organisation structure.