Network Security & Audit

The term network security relates to numerous components/network elements within an operational network. Three major aspects are considered. Firstly there is the security of network infrastructure, that is equipment redundancy to cover failure. Secondly there is security in routing between nodes within the network, and finally there is security of access to management databases, equipment sites, etc within the network. The last item covers the provisions detailed in the data protection act.

Security services include the:

  • Definition of security proposals for new and existing networks
  • Production of network routing plans
  • Definition of database and site security systems, including passcard & password controls, data model access rights, database partitioning, firewall and virus protection

Auditing services include:

  • Network architecture and its effectiveness
  • Marketing strategies for both operators and infrastructure suppliers
  • Network security and its effectiveness
  • Network routing arrangements, including telecommunication and corporate operations
  • Operational processes, procedures and management controls
  • Change management and controls
  • Database architecture and security
  • Customer facing processes and procedures
  • Accuracy of customer billing.