Marketing Strategy and Service Definitions

Wayes have assisted network operators, corporations and infrastructure supplies in developing marketing strategies and the criteria by which their success, or failure, are judged. The marketing strategy and its associated business case define what is to be delivered, when and at what cost. They have to be stable as they form the requirement for the acquisition of all network elements.

Services include the:

  • Definition of market sectors and related consumer requirements
  • Definition of products and services, their life cycle and evolution
  • Competitor and sensitivity analysis
  • Verification of market demands
  • Product and service roadmap
  • Definition of product and service level agreements
  • Definition of product and service management controls
  • Definition of product and service tariff arrangements.
  • Definition and creation of tariff analysis tools.
  • Definition of interconnects policy, and its implementation.
  • Customer interface definition, which with the service levels form the operational support requirement.