Architectural and Technical Development

Communication networks are created to present the widest range of marketable products and services, in a time scale that is determined by the market, in the most cost-effective way. That is, it will be constrained by business planning, available budget and marketing strategy.

Architectural and technical development should bring reality to the creation process. It ensures that the network can be created using available technology, whilst always looking at future services and how these can be introduced into an operational network at some later stage at minimal cost and disruption to existing operational processes.

Services include the:

  • Specification of network architecture requirements, including:
        Backbone network
        Switching and multiplexing
        Access technologies
        Networking technology
        Network interfaces including 'Portal' designs
        Network management
        Operational management
        Customer facing
        Interconnection strategy
        Regulatory interfaces
        Quality criteria
  • Development of the network planning process including the rules for day one and subsequent operational planning
  • Definition of routing and national number schemes and their management
  • Definition of a network synchronisation strategy
  • Definition of network security requirements
  • Development of the network operational strategy to ensure that all network extensions, re-arrangements and enhancements can be managed with the minimum disruption
  • Definition of intelligent network and call completion services to meet the value added service demands of the marketing strategy
  • Definition of network boundaries in line with legal and customer interface requirements. >
  • Development of architectures and technologies to meet niche, or one off, network solutions.