Student Loans Company

The Student Loans Company are responsible for administering the UK student loans scheme for the H.M. Government. They also manage the private sector purchasers of the student loan debt sales and pay the majority of public tuition fee contributions to higher education institutions.

Wayes involvement with the Student Loans Company (SLC) covers two distinct roles. The first was as Unix System Manager of all of SLC's production & development servers.

This includes such tasks as:

  • installing & configuring SLC's Unix Cluster
  • building RAID sets
  • system tuning
  • user support
  • backup management and all of the usual day Unix support tasks
  • designing, installing & configuring SLC Internet connection using Sun's Firewall-1 package.

The second was as a Lotus Notes Consultant. The role included developing all new Notes databases, acting as a second line support to SLC's Notes Administrator and advising SLC on how to make best use of Lotus Notes.