o.tel.o (Vodafone)

o.tel.o (now part of Vodafone) was a joint venture formed be Veba and RWE two of Germany's major conglomerates.

Among the many projects Wayes associates undertook for o.tel.o was a project to cover the development of a "Stadtnetz" concept, that is the development of stand alone "city networks". This was progressed through the development of network interconnection, customer interface definitions and the integration of all available access technologies including CATV, radio local loop and capacity unbundling etc.

This in turn created a number of other projects, which were set up and run by Wayes , to assist the organisation in the creation of a public telecommunication network. These projects included, Operational Development, Network Planning, Interconnection and Shared Capacity arrangements, Business Processing including tariff and cost models, Network Build and the development of concepts about infrastructure sharing, System House to cover the control of network component integration, testing and the hand over from build to operations etc.