51° (EDF Energy)

51° was the telecommunication division of EDF Energy (formally known as London Electricity Group). 51° wantied to create a "Broadband London" platform based on optical technology, advanced duct management systems and LLU for customer connection.

Over a three year period Wayes were contracted to create a telecommunications business utilising/leveraging EDF's extensive assets, including the groups extensive property portfolio, duct and tunnel infrastructure, local knowledge and skills, whilst ensuring 'core' business directives were unaffected.

Projects completed during this period include:

  • The establishment of "Access Network Technology" trials, including optical, xDSL, radio etc. The trials also developed the architectures for customer broadband delivery and the use of blown duct systems. Concluding with the creation of "Telelocate" LLU business case utilising LEG's extensive property portfolio.
  • The development of an architecture and design to support the creation of telecommunication islands to support LEG's urban re-development programme.
  • The creation of a 'web-based' request for proposal that positioned all LEG assets into the telecommunication market place. Respondents included technology suppliers, operators of fixed, mobile and data networks, facility management companies. The analysis of responses and establishing a dialogue with respondents.
  • The creation and presentation of a telecommunications business strategy that the team and parent company could fulfil and found acceptable.
  • The generation of numerous invitations to tender including, graphical information system, network and operational management systems, a bespoke digital subscriber line solutions for infrastructure providers and technology supply of transmission technologies.
  • Network design and planning, including the establishment of supplier interfaces and network deployment options. Control of suppliers including, Cisco, Alcatel, Net to Net etc.
  • Ongoing strategic and business development, including partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and alliances.
  • Created the telecommunication licence application and managed application process and established regulatory interfaces and regulatory framework.
  • Development of complete operational support strategy
  • Produced IT Strategy for OSS & BSS networks